Contract Template

June 9, 2011

A contract is an agreement. The agreement can be oral or verbal. Written contracts are preferred for enforcement purposes. The agreement also clearly stipulates and outlines specific obligations to be fulfilled by each party in the contract. Failure to honor the agreement amounts to breach of contract, punishable by law.

A commitment is hereby made between the undersigned parties in an agreement that both parties agree and commit to act in respect to the terms and conditions as stated herein:

Dated _____________,
____________, 20 __. (Contract).

This is to confirm that both parties have agreed and consented to the contents of this contract as stated below, therefore any other alterations, corrections or amendments made to the document will be sustained in full force and effect of law of contract.
Signed on
_________________ day of ___________, 20 __,
In the presence of:_______
Witness: First Party:
Witness: Second Party:


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