Course Certificate Template

June 9, 2011

Certificates issued after the completion of any course is called course certificate. Course certificate templates are the predefined designs of these certificates.

Sample Course Certificate Template


[Name of the Company or Institution]


[Address of the Company or Institution]

Course Certificate

This course certificate is hereby awarded to ____________________ [name of the Recipient] on _____________ [date of receiving the course certificate]. He or she had attended and completed the course of ___________ [name of the Course] which is of ________________________ [duration of course] years / months / weeks / days under the guidance of _____________ [name of the teacher] of ______________ [name of the institution of company].

Reviewing his or her performance and skills and awarding grades accordingly, we award _____ [A++, A+, A, B, C] grade [type of grade] to ______________ [Name of the recipient]. This certificate has been approved by and awarded by ________________ [name of the Director of the institution or organization].

Date of issue _____________            ________________

[Signature of the Director]

Download Course Certificate Template in Word Format


Incoming Sample Templates:

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