Employment Contract Template

June 9, 2011

An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee. This contracts states the terms of service, rules and regulations that the employer expects of the employees, this includes the working hours and also conditions under which permission to be off duty is granted. It also states the salary, allowances and benefits the employee is entitled to. This document gives vital information to the potential employee for him/her to make a decision.
Sample Employment contract Template




We are pleased to inform you that you have qualified to fill the position of________________in the _______________company limited.

You are expected to report to our offices on____________

Orientation will be on_______

You will begin working on ___________
You will work on probation period of___________months.

During the probation period you will be paid a salary and allowances amounting to__________________

Upon successful completion of the probation period your salary and allowances will be reviewed as stated below:

Basic Salary______________

House Allowance____________

Commissions/Bonus at the rate of___________________%

The company’s stipulated working hours are from ___________to ____________________

Employers are entitled to an annual paid leave of ___________months.

Sick leave notice should be submitted to the company within_________-hours of the leave commencement date and time.

Either of the undersigned parties may terminate this contract during the probation period.

The undersigned employee shall not disclose the company’s classified materials or information to any unauthorized persons.

The undersigned hereby agrees and accepts to act in accordance with the terms as stated above.

This contract should be signed and submitted to our offices within seven working days from the __________.



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