Lease Contract Template

June 9, 2011

An International contract template is used to construct a legal document that records any type of international business deals or transactions.

Sample International Business Template:

This International business contract is being entered on ___________________ [date on which the contract has been entered into]

By and between _______________ [name of first party] with its office situated at _________________ [address of the office]


___________ [name of second party] with its office located at _______________ [address of the office]

This contract has been commenced abiding by the laws of ___________ [mention the law agency under which this contract is entered]


The purpose of binding into an International Contract is __________________. [Mention the purpose of the contract]

This contract is entered into on ________________ [Date of Commencement of the contract] and will be dissolved on _________________ [Date of Termination of the contract]

Sign & Company Seal: ___________________ [first party]

Sign & Company Seal: ___________________ [Second party]

Date: ___________


Download International Contract Template Word Format

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