Marriage Certificate Template

June 8, 2011

This is a document used to prove that tow people man and wife, were or are involved and have a covenant. This certificate can either be gotten from a local church or the A.G chambers. This certificate indicates the names of the couple in full, their residences and place of issue. It also provides some history of previous marriages if any.
Sample Marriage Certificate Template

Name of issuing Authority_______________



Marriage Certificate No___________
Name of groom___ Name of brid___

Grooms birth date________________________Brides Birth date_____________

Grooms residence/To__ country_____

Bride’s residence/Town______________ country___________

Name used by pride incase of former marriage_____________

Capacity of issuing authority__________ (Title he held in society)

Place of certificate issue/Town/city________ Country   ____

We the undersigned agree that both parties have consented to getting married. Both parties have also accepted to act in accordance to the set norms and traditions of marriage. In event of either of the parties wish to terminate this marriage, he/she should file a divorce application however this will only happen after all attempts of resolution have failed.

Groom Sign__________Date _____________   Bride sign___________Date_____________

Witness sign_________Date__________Issuing authority sign______Date________


Download Marriage Certificate Template in Word Format

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