Real Estate Contract Template

June 9, 2011

A real estate contract is used when creating a real estate contract which indicates an agreement between the buyer and seller of real estate property. Users can easily customize the template to suit the specific contract. Description of the property must be included and both buyer and seller must sign the contract. Shown below is a sample real estate contract template.
Sample Real Estate Contract Template

This agreement is made between _________ Landlord Name __________ of social security number _________ and __________tenant name __________ of social security number ____________________

The premises:

Physical address ________________
Outbuildings _____________

Fixed improvements __________

Grounds __________
The period of this lease/rent begins on _________ date __________ and shall end on _____ date ___________.

The lease/rent shall be renewed after ________
Payment shall be made as follows

Terms of contract


Tenant signature _________ Date _________

Landlord signature _________ Date ______

Download Real Estate Contract Templatein Word Format

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