Remodeling Contract Template

June 9, 2011

A remodeling contract is executed whenever one needs to carry out any form of home improvement. It is especially important when one needs to carry out such remodeling projects as installation of sprinklers, additions as well as repairs on the deck. The template makes it easy for the owner to draft a contract fast. Shown below is a sample remodeling contract template.
Sample Remodeling Contract Template

____Homeowner’s name __________ wishes to contract ____ contractor name _____ to carry out certain work on property situated at _________

The work to be carried out under this contract shall include _____________ job description __________________

The homeowner agrees to pay the contractor as follows ______________


The work aforementioned shall begin on or about _______ date ___________ and shall end on or about ________ date ________.

License status and number

Contractor is expected to obtain the following licenses

Homeowner _______ Date _______

Contractor _______ Date ___________



Download Remodeling Contract Template in Word Format

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