Sample Gift certificate Template

June 8, 2011

This is a certificate issued alongside a gift to someone to show appreciation for something good he/she did to you. A gift certificate can range from a wedding, graduation, anniversary to birthdays since all these are occasions when people meet to thank, congratulate and celebrate moments with each other. These are some of the occasions when one may use gift certificate alongside with the gift.
Sample Gift certificate Template

Name of issuing authority_____________



Gift Certificate

Title/Description of activity or event________

Date of event_______________________

Venue of event___________

We_________ (Name of issuer) do hereby present this gift certificate to ________________ (Name of receiver) as a gift for his/her excellent performance/marriage/engagement/wedding.

Reason /Duties/roles for reward____________________

Date of presentation_________________

We the undersigned hereby acknowledge the presentation of this certificate to the person stated above for his/her exemplary performance at work/school. We confirm that we are convinced that she is the rightful and deserved winner of this gift certificate upon consideration.

We wish the recipient of this award all the best in his/her future endeavors.

Name of issuing authority____________Title_____Sign____

Name of issuing authority_____________Title____Sign____

Sample Gift certificate Template

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