Scholarship Certificate Template

June 9, 2011

scholarships for their commendable contributions and achievements. Then they are issued a scholarship certificate to recognize their accomplishment. A scholarship certificate template represents how a scholarship certificate is designed.

Sample Scholarship Certificate Template

Scholarship Award

Date of issue: ________________ (dd/mm/yy)

This certificate hereby documents that Mr. / Mrs. / Miss / Ms ______________  [Name of the recipient] is eligible for and is awarded the __________  [Name of the scholarship] under the ______________ [Name of the scheme] for of an amount of ____________ [Amount of the scholarship] for a period of ___________________rship].

This is presented to Mr. / Miss / Mrs. / Ms. ________________ [Name of the recipient] by the President of ________________ [Name of the organization or institution], ___________ [Name of the President].


[Signature of Director]                                 [Signature of President]

_______________                                _______________

[Name of Director]                                              [Name of President]

Download Scholarship Certificate Template in Word Format


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