School Certificate Template

June 9, 2011

The certificates awarded by the school to acknowledge exemplary performance and showcasing of skills and talents are generally called school certificates. A general school certificate template is a format in which school certificate is designed and it contains complete details about the student, award and position.

Sample School Certificate Template

__________ Certificate

[Type of Certificate]

This certificate is awarded to ________ [Name of the Student] of ____________ [Class] of ___________ [House] presented on __________ [Date] by _____________ [Name of Principal].

He / She have delivered an excellent performance in ________ [Name of the Event] on _____________ [Date of the Event] that took place at __________[venue of the Event] and won the _____ [Position] prize. ______________ [Name of the Teacher] had provided valuable guidance which paved his or her way to such outstanding success. ________ [Name of the Institution] is really proud of his / her achievements and encourages participating more in such events. We congratulate you with all our heart.


[Signature of Principle]

Download School Certificate Template in Word Format

[Name o67f Principal]


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