Sports Certificate Template

June 8, 2011

sports certificate template is a meant to acknowledge good performance in a sporting event. This certificate is issued to participants who performed well in particular sports events. This certificate can be issued to the team certificate team as a whole or to individuals. It gives the name of the person being awarded the sport he participated and position he/she got in that event.
Sample Sports Certificate Template

Name of issuing Authority_________________


This certificate is presented to_____________for his performance in the ______________sports event held on the ______________of____ (Fill in the name and date of the event)

This is in recognition for being position_________during this years_________________ (Title of the event).

The above named person displayed exemplary performance in the field/Track. This is an appreciation for gracing the event and playing an active and instrumental role for the events success.

The below undersigned people acknowledge and confirm that the above named person participated in the said sports event and attained the positions as stated above.

Name of issuing authority_________Title__________Sign_______

Name of issuing authority____________Title__________Sign______

Download Sports Certificate Template in Word Format

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