Training Contract Template

June 9, 2011

To make a training contract between any two organizations, a training contract template is required which lays down the format and the design of the contract.
Sample Training Contract Template

Industrial Training Contract

Between [Details of 1st Party]

Name: ____________

Address: __________

Contact Details: __

And [Details of 2nd Party]

Name: _________

Address: __________

Contact Details: __________

In contemplation of the mutual promises mentioned herein, the parties have agreed and hereby enter into this Agreement:

The Institution agrees to provide:

Course/Program Title: _______________

Course/Program Description: ________

Instructor(s):      ________

Date(s):     ________

Time:                _______
Location:    _____________
Number of Participants: __________
Length of Program:     ___________

Course/Program Cost:  Each participant would pay an amount of ________________________________ by cash / D. D. / Check [Please tick the right option]

Award:      Participants exhibiting exemplary talent, enthusiasm and dedication will be awarded with _____ [Name and description of the award].

The parties have entered into this contract by mutual consent and hereby agree to it.

_________                               ________

[Signature of Party 1]                                          [Signature of Party 2]


Download Training Contract Template Word Format

Incoming Sample Templates:

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