Vehicle Contract Template

June 9, 2011

A vehicle contract template is used for making a commitment between the renter and the vehicle owner in order to fix the rent, terms and conditions and tenure of the contract.
Sample Vehicle Contract Template

Vehicle Contract Number: _________

Date of contract ____________ (dd/mm/yy)

Name of the vehicle ___________

License number ______________

Any troubleshooting vehicle parts ____________________ [mention with details]

This vehicle contract is being entered and produced between vehicle owner _______________ [Name] Address _________________ [specify shop address] with renter _________________ [name of the renter] Address ____________ for a tenure of __________ [mention the duration of the contract in years].

Terms and conditions that is applicable to both the parties

* Renter will pay monthly amount of ____________ ($) to the vehicle owner and in turn vehicle owner will provide a payment slip to renter.
* Due to any legal issues contract can get terminated at any point of time by any parties.

Signature of the renter __________________     Date ________________

Signature of vehicle owner ________________ Date ______



Download Vehicle Contract Template Word Format

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