Sample Plumber CV Format template

September 1, 2011

Plumber maintains all the piping stuff in the building and makes sure that drainage is not expected. He also verifies that the toilets, sinks, bathroom, cesspit …etc in a house are working good. When its concerning a whole building, a foremen has to be hand by hand with him

Sample Plumber CV Format

Johns Marcos

D-22, 43rd Street



[email protected]

Mobile No: +43 09876543

Telephone No: +78 23456789

Career Objective: To invest my stamina and patience in the plumbing career where I can integrate my benefit with a well reputed company’s needs.

Professional Experience:

ACC, 2000-2005: worked as an assistant plumber in construction sites

XYZ plumbing Services, 2005 and till now : working as a chief plumber in the construction sites , and freelancer plumber for private duties.

Plumber Objectives:

  • To have experience in plumbing issues and drainage problems
  • To manage all budding plumbing business
  • To have good communication skills to be able to contact with customers and conduct after sales service
  • To correct job pricing and appreciates completion durations deadlines.
  • To undertake reasonable installations of kitchen or toilet plumbing systems
  • To have experience concerning copper and plastic plumbing substances regarding to the nature of the on spot plumbing systems
  • To be proficient at bonded or soldered joints


2007 Certificate in operational Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Advanced Plumber training


I was awarded the employee of the year at xyz plumbing in 2008.


  • running


“Upon request”

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