Degree Template

June 10, 2011

Degree template is an authorized document that states that a student has successfully completed a particular course, have been successful in all the examinations that he has taken and hence he has attained the degree. A degree certificate is a must for career growth.
Sample Degree Template

[Institute Name or University Name that provides the degree]

This is to certify that Mr. / Miss / Mrs. _______________________ [Name of the student] have been a regular student of the ____________________ [Name of the college or the educational institution] and have successfully completed all the courses offered in the academic year___________ [Year].

He / she is hereby endowed with the degree of _________________ [Name of the degree offered] as he / she have passed the final examination with _________ [Percentage].

We wish him / her every success in his / her future ahead.

[Signature of the Vice Chancellor]                          [Signature of the Vice President]

______________________________                     ___________________________

[Name of the Vice Chancellor]                                [Name of the Vice President]

Vice Chancellor                                                        Vice President

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