Hospitality Cover Letter Template

June 10, 2011

The hospitality cover letter template is of huge advantage to the person who is planning to apply at relevant hospitals/hotels/clubs for posts in hospitality management. The hospitality cover letter template has a well-formatted structure that enables the concerned person to neatly organize his ideas while preparing a standard cover letter.
Sample hospitality cover letter template:

To                                                                                                                Date: ________

______________ (full name of the concerned person)

______________ (designation)

_______________ (name of the hotel/hospital)

______________   (address with locality, street, city name)

Dear ____________ (name of the recipient)

With a ____________ (graduate/post graduate) degree in hospitality management/studies and an experience of _____ years as a/an _____ (current/ most recent designation) in _____________ (full name of the organization), I would like to ____________________________________
(Content of the cover letter explaining about the personal work experience and skills)

Yours sincerely

_________________ (signature of the applicant)

________________ (locality name, street name, city, pin code)

Phone/mobile number: ________________

Email id: _______________

Download Hospitality Cover Letter Template in Word Format

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