Proposal cover letter template

June 9, 2011

A proposal cover letter template is used to make proposals by individuals to write cover letters for different proposals like sales proposals. It should be polite, formal, short and precise so as to increase the likelihood of it being read.  The sample template below shows the essential information that must be included in a good proposal cover letter which also introduces the proposal.
Sample proposal cover letter template


Telephone number___________

Dear ________________,

Please find enclosed here in the proposal I promised you titled, improving employee productivity using the HP technology.

This proposal outlines a comprehensive scope of work you requested and includes our objectives, duties and procedures. Our help and guidance on our new technologies will prove to be important to your organization thus resulting to less costs and better performance for your organization.

I welcome an opportunity to discuss this proposal at a greater length with you.

Looking forward to working with you.


Your signature __________

Your name:  ______________


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