Education Policy Template

June 10, 2011

The policy of imparting education largely depends on the institution, though they have a lot in common with each other regarding the format. The education policy template can be filled up to give the exhaustive details and thereafter, a proper education policy can be constructed.
Sample Education Policy Template

General: ______________________________

[All types of technology and all non-traditional media are to be incorporated in this section. The language should be broad so that it does not become out dated with the advance of technology.]

Academic Freedom: _____________________

[The responsibilities and duties of the faculty of all sort of academic programmes]

Quality Control of the Curriculum: __________________

[Same procedures are to be used in all academic programmes.]

Working Conditions: ________________
[Policy of Grant of Leave due to health problems]

Enrolment: ___________________
[Enrolment procedure]

Compensation: _________

Teaching Appointments: ______________
Training for Teaching: __________________
Availability of Assistance: ____________
Evaluation of Class & Faculty Member: ___________________
Tuition & Fees: ___________


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