Employment Confirmation Letter Template

June 17, 2011

This letter template serves as a guide to companies informing candidates that they have succeeded in the job interviews and have been offered the jobs. A good employment confirmation letter contains starting date of employment, position they will occupy and their supervisors. It also includes brief summary of the company’s terms and conditions such as employees’ salary and working hours.

Sample employment confirmation letter template

Contact name
Address 1
Address 2
City, state province
Zip/ postal code

Dear contact name,


We are pleased to confirm your being employed by our firm in the capacity of (position). You will report directly to (name) commencing with your start of employment on (date)

Your salary shall be (annual salary) per year. You will also be entitled to medical insurance and other benefits explained to you. For the first year action time shall be prorated so you will be entitled to (number) days for this year.

It is understood and expected that the employment relationship we have agreed to is an “at will” relationship and it may be ended by either party at any time and for any reason.

If you agree, this letter sets forth our understanding. Please sign the enclosed copy and return for our files.

We look forward to your joining the company.

(Your name)

(Your title)

(Your phone number)

(Your [email protected])

Agreed and accepted



Download Employment confirmation letter template in Word Format

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