June 18, 2011

An Event press release template is a document which is used to publicize the event for press release. A press release contains all the details regarding an event.
Sample Event Press Release Template

_______________________________ [Name of our organization] celebrates ______________________ [Name of the event].

The press release of ________________ [Name of the event] has been dated on ________________ [Date of the event] at ____________________ [Venue of the event] on _______________________________ [Date and Time of the event].

Representatives of all the newspaper companies, TV channels and free lance journalists are cordially invited to make this event a successful one. We believe that our audience have a right to information so we have decided to hold a press release. It would publicize our motto and also be useful for the spectators.

See you on ______________________ [Date of the event]._____________________________
[Name of the representative]
[Designation of the representative]
[Address of the organizing company]

Download Event Press Release Template in Word Format

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