Music Event Advertisement Template

June 18, 2011

Music Event advertisement Templates are used to construct an advertisement to publicize any event of music.

Sample Music Event Template

Here comes the much awaited event of the year

____________________________ [Name of the Music Event]

__________________________ [Name of the Chief Sponsor]

From the reputed brand name ____________________________ [Name of the Organizer]

Which also presented ______________________ [Name of a previous Event 1], _____________ [Year of the Event 1] and ___________________________ [Name of another previous Event 2], ___________________ [year of the Event 2]

Date and Time of the Event: ____________________________________________________

Venue of the Event: __________________________________________________________

Highlights of ___________________________ [Name of the music event]

Our Guest of Honour for the Event is ______________________________ [Name of the Guest of Honour].

Like all years, we bring to you a star studded night with performances by the renowned _______________ [Name of Artist 1], _____________________ [Name of Artist 2] amongst others.

We cordially invite everybody to join us on this event and make it a grand success.

Download Music Event Advertisement Template in Word Format

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