Health And Safety Policy Template

June 18, 2011

The health and safety policy template is a draft that states the responsibilities of each employee with regards to the hygiene and health conditions of the workplace.

Sample Health And Safety Policy Template

This is the safety and health policy of ________________ [firm’s name]

Address _______________ [address of the firm]

The general health policy of ______________ [firm’s name] is

__________________________________ [outline of the main policies]

Jobs and responsibilities:-

  • _______________ [employee name] is in charge of overall safety.
  • ________________ , ___________________,________________[employee names]  shall maintain healthy standards in the firm
  • Everyday hygiene tasks have been assigned to ________________ [name of employee]
  • All workers must adhere to all the health regulations of the firm without complaints.
  • They must also adhere to their individual tasks.
  • _______________ [In charge name] shall be in charge of the ______________ [branch name] branch of the firm.

The above agreement is by order from:-

______________________ [signature of the health officer]

Download Health And Safety Policy Template Word Format

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