House for sale Template

June 18, 2011

House for sale template is used by the house owners when they intent to sale their house. Such template contains all the details regarding the house that is to be sold.

Sample House for sale template

An attractive house at _______________________ [mention the address of the house that is to be sold] all set for sale.

This spacious and beautiful house is _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [mention the complete specification of the house that is to be sold]

The total cost of this house stands at $___________________ [mention the total cost of the house]

Person intended to buy this house have to deposit a share of total cost in advance. The advance should not be less than $ _____________ [mention the lower limit of the advance]

The house will be immediately sold to the person who deposits the advance first, but other legal papers will be given after complete total deposit.


[Name of the house owner]


[Address of the house owner]

Contact number_____________

Download House for sale Template in Word Format

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