Employee Performance Evaluation template

June 18, 2011

An employee performance template will help in appraising the performance of staff in an organization. An employee’s understanding of his / her work will be determined and performance against the set targets measured. Such are important indicators to employees on the areas to improve.

Company Name

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Sample Employee performance evaluation template

Form Reference No: __________________________________

Employee Name: ____________________________________

Department:     ____________________________________

Position:       ____________________________________

Location:      ____________________________________

Evaluation Period: _________________to__________________

Date (dd-mm-yy): ___________________Time:______________________

Evaluator Name: _______________________________

Employee to fill in the below section

  1. State your key job functions


  1. What are some of the targets set for this year?


  1. State your major accomplishments with regard to your targets.


  1. What are some of your strengths? Weaknesses?


Discuss with employee

  1. Desire for personal development and employee’s career progression


  1. Employee’s motivation for work


  1. Relationship with colleagues


Remarks by evaluator



Employee: __________________________

Evaluator: __________________________

Download HR Employee Performance Evaluation template in word format

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