Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

June 20, 2011

An employee satisfaction template is a research tool used in organizations to gauge whether or not employees feel appreciated in the workplace. It highlights questions that might be open ended or closed. When designed appropriately, they can be good indicators of issues that need to be addressed urgently.
Sample Employee Satisfaction Survey Template
Company Name
Company Logo
Section A: Tick the most appropriate response
Question Strongly Agree    Agree    I don’t know  Disagree Strongly Disagree
My work responsibilities ___________________
are clearly defined
I have a good relationship
with my supervisors  __________________________
I have a productive
relationship with my
co workers _______________________
Personal development
is valued _____________________________
The company recognizes
the effort I put in my work _____________________________
I have job security _______________________________________
I am duly compensated
for my work ____________________________________________________
Section B:
In you opinion, what can be done to improve working relations in the company?________________________________________________

Download Employee Satisfaction Survey Template in Word Format

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