Employee Survey Template

June 20, 2011

An employee Survey Template will provide general information on how employees perceive the company. It contains a wide variety of questions that range from management issues. The format provided below can be followed by employers who want to find out how much employees know about the company.
Sample Employee Survey Template
Company Name
Company Slogan
Tick as appropriate
How long have you worked for this company
Less than a year_____
1 – 2 years_________
3 – 4 years___________
5years and above______
Strongly      Agree      Not Sure    Disagree  Strongly Disagree
I am aware  of the
Company’s strategic goals _____________________________________________
I know the company’s
Senior management  _________________________________________________
I am aware of all the
Departments in the company  ________________________________________
The company gives room
For personal development  ________________________________________________
Information is openly
Shared in the company  _______________________________________________
The organization maintains
High quality standards  ______________________________________________
All departments have
A proper working relationship  _____________________________________
The company has a
Well defined mission  __________________________________________

Download Employee Survey Template in Word Format

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