Payslip Template

June 18, 2011

A payslip shows an employee’s total pay. It indicates the number of hours the employee has worked during that period, showing the rate of pay per hour. It also indicates any overtime hours worked. Deductions made such as taxation together with allowances awarded to the employee are also indicated on the payslip. Shown below is a sample payslip template.

Sample Payslip Template

Name of Employer ______________

Employer ABN ________________

Name of Employee_______________

Employee’s job title _________________

Pay period __________ to _______________ Date of payment ________________

Wages                                          Number of hours        Rate per hour               Total

Ordinary hours (Mon-Fri)         _________________    _______________     _________

Ordinary hours (Sat)                 _________________    _______________     _________

Ordinary hours (Sun)                _________________    _______________     _________

Public Holidays                         _________________    _______________     _________

Other                                          _________________    _______________     _________

Allowances                                 _________________    _______________     _________

Gross pay   __________

Deductions                                                                                                            Amount

Taxation                                                                                                         ____________

Other                                                                                                              ____________

Total deductions                                 ____________

Net pay                                               ____________

Employer Superannuation contribution _____________________________

Name of fund _______________________________________________


DownloadHR Payslip Templatein word format

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