Baptism Invitation Template

June 20, 2011

A baptism invitation template is of great advantage for the concerned person who writes a baptism invitation. The friends and relatives are invited to the gathering to bless the person who is baptized. The template assists in writing the invitation in a compact form without much effort spent.

Sample Baptism  Invitation Template:

BAPTISM INVITATION OF __________ (name of the person to be baptized)

Dear _____________ (name of the concerned person)

The parents/guardians of ____________ (name of the person) cordially invites you and your family on the auspicious ceremony of his/her baptism dated on ___________ (the fixed date of baptism) in the church ____________ (name of the church where the event will occur) located at __________ (the details of the church’s location). Father _____________ (name of the priest who will baptize the person) would be doing the holy task of baptizing.

__________ (the name of the person’s parents/guardians) would request you to come to the occasion and bless ____________ [name of the person who is baptized] for a bright future and prosperous life.

Best of regards

_______________   (the signature/s of the inviter/s)

Download Baptism Invitation Template in Word Format

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