Bridal Shower Invitation Party Template

June 20, 2011

A bridal shower invitation party template bears extreme significance as it helps in writing plans about organizing a party centering on the event of bridal shower. The readymade format of the invitation template saves precious time and reduces the effort to write the invitation. The details of the party and other relevant points are conveniently written on the template.

Sample Bridal Shower Invitation Template:


DEAR _____________ (to whom it may concern)

We are pleased to announce that Miss ___________________  (name of the bride to be) would like to invite you and your family on the occasion of her bridal shower party to be held at _____________  (the name of the hotel/club/bride’s home) on ___________  (the date on which the party would be hosted) from _________ to _________ (party timings).

The events on the occasion are –_________________  (the details of the games, music and dances)

Direction to the destination:_______________ (road directions to the venue from prominent squares of the city)

Hearty regards,_________________ (the guardian/s of the bride)

Download Bridal Shower Invitation Party Template in Word Format


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