Event Invitation Template

June 20, 2011

An event invitation template is a readymade format for inviting the friends and the relatives for celebrating an event or an occasion. The format of the template helps in organizing the invitation without much time spent, specifying the required details.

Sample Event Invitation Template:

INVITATION FOR THE ______________ (name of the event) OF

_________________________   (the name/s of the person/s on whom the event is centered)

Dear _____________   (the name/s of the guest/s)

It is an absolute elation to invite you and your family on the auspicious/special/gala event/occasion of _______________ (name of the event/occasion) of _________ (name/s of the concerned person/s) to be hosted on ________ (the exact date) at ____________ (the venue of the event) from _______ (timing details).

It would be your extreme kindness if you could come to the warm gathering and wish/bless _______ (the name/s of the concerned person/s) for a prosperous and healthy future.

Best of regards


______________ (name of the guardian/parent/concerned person)

Download Event Invitation Template in Word Format



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