Graduation Party Invitation Template

June 20, 2011

A graduation party invitation template shows how a guest invitation card is framed for the graduation party celebration. Such kind of unique celebration marked a special moment of an individual’s life.
Sample Graduation Part Invitation Template
_______________________________ [Name of the person who has completed the graduation] of the class ______________ [Mention the year of graduation] has graduated from ______________________________ [Mention the name of the university from where the graduation degree in being obtained].
Therefore, ____________________ [Name of the invitees or guest] are cordially invited to mark this special moment at_________________ [mention the venue of the party] on ___________________________ [Day and date] at _____________ [time].
On this occasion a _________________________ [Mention about the special attraction] has been arranged, which would be a special attraction of the party and could be the best way of congratulating a graduate.
Do not miss out as your presence is highly expected.
[Name of the inviter]
RSVP :___________________( contact of the inviter)

Download Graduation Party Invitation Template in Word Format

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