Surprise Party Invitation Template

June 20, 2011

A surprise party invitation template helps a great deal to invite people on the occasion of a surprise party thrown for a person who is not informed from beforehand (that’s why the term ‘surprise’). The ready-made format of the template makes it easy to write the invitation without putting much of effort.

Sample surprise invitation template:

The occasion:  ____________________   (the reason for the invitation)

Host/s:  ____________________ (name/s of the host/s)

Date:   ____________________ (date of the party)

Location:   _________________ (venue of the party)

Timings:  __________________   (timing details)

Direction:  _________________ (routes to reach the spot)

Dear ____________ (the name of the guest)

COME DO JOIN US in the surprise party organized for _________ [name of the person for whom party is organized] on the occasion of his/her [mention the occasion for which party is organized]. We all will have a great gala gathering and lot of fun and frolic. We would be having games, magic shows and other exciting events and excellent food to share!

Heart Regards

_______________ (full name of the host)

Download Surprise Party Invitation Template in Word Format

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