Tea Party Invitation Templates

June 20, 2011

A tea party invitation template is a well drafted format that is helpful for writing a good invitation to the guests for a tea party. A tea party is a gathering where light discussions are exchanged and a nice invitation can initiate the interest for such an occasion.

Sample Tea Party Invitation Template:

Dear ________ (the name of the guest)

Please grace the occasion of tea party that is being hosted at __________ (the inviter’s home/a hotel/club) on _________   (the exact date of the tea party) from ______ to ________ (the details of the timings). It is an absolute pleasure to enjoy nice discussions in your presence.

You can enjoy the following activities at the party”_________   (enlisting of the games and other relevant things to be organized at the party)

Please feel free to suggest any recommendation.

The direction of the location:  _____________________   (briefly explaining convenient routes to reach the place)

Hearty Regards

_______________ (name of the inviter)

Download Tea Party Invitation Templates in Word Format

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