Car Invoice Template

June 20, 2011

A car invoice template is bill which is provided to the buyer of a car. It is very necessary as it a documentary evidence that the car has been purchased. It contains details like the name and address of the buyer and also details like make, registration number and engine number of the car.

Sample Car Invoice Template:

Details of car seller:

Name: ________ [name of the seller]

Address: __________ [address of showroom from where the car is purchased

I confirm that I have the complete authority over this car, being the owner of it.

Vehicle Details:

Make: ________ [car manufacturer]

Model: _________ [name of the car model]

Year: ___________ [year in which the car was manufactured]

Registration Number: ______________ [registration number of the car]

Price: ____________ [price of car in dollars]

Details of the buyer:

Name: ______________ [buyer’s name]

Address: ______________ [buyer’s residential address]

I acknowledge the receipt of _____________ [car price] in full for the above vehicle.


Seller: _______________

Buyer: ________________

Download Car Invoice Template in Word Format

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