Commercial Invoice Template

June 20, 2011

A commercial invoice template is a written piece of document that describes the details of items that is transferred between two parties. It clearly mentions the name of the parties involved and other required details of the commodities shipped. A commercial invoice also signifies that the goods transferred are legal as per international laws.

Sample Commercial Invoice Template

Name of the shipper or the exporter: _________________________________

Name of the consignee: ___________________________________________

Name of an intermediate consignee (if any): ___________________________

Date of shipment: –/–/—-

Commercial Invoice No.: _______________

Source of shipment: ____________________ (Name of the place)

Final Destination: ______________________ (Name of the place)

Sales Terms: __________________________

Payment Terms: _________________________

Freight Type: Prepaid / Collect.

Shipment details:

Serial             Items                              Quantity                   Unit               Total

Number         shipped                Price

______      ______            __________

Subtotal: ___________________ (Amount)

Other Charges: ______________ (Amount

Grand Total: ________________ (Amount).

Download Commercial Invoice Template in Word Format

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