Consulting Invoice Template

June 20, 2011

Consulting invoice template is a written document of the consultation jobs performed by an organization. This invoice is given by the consultation firm to its client as a statement to get the payments.

Sample Consulting Invoice Template

Name of the Consulting Firm: __________________________

Address: __________________________________

Email ID: _________________________________

Name of the client: __________________________________


Email ID: ____________________________________

Date: –/–/—-

Federal Tax No.: _____________________

Invoice No.: _________________________

Invoice For: _____________________ [Short description of the consultation work done].

Consultation job details:

Description                               Start                        End                  Charge

of the job                                     Date                        Date

_____________                      –/–/—-                –/–/—-              ____________

Total Cost: ___________________________________

Taxes: _______________________________________

Discount: _____________________________________

Grand Total: __________________________________

Terms and Conditions for payment:

[Details like the date within which the payment must be done, the mode of payment and relevant information, interest to be paid in case of any unpaid amount etc.].

Download Consulting Invoice Template in Word Format

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