Rental Invoice Template

June 20, 2011

A rental invoice template is prepared by the owner of a property or any other assets and is given to the tenant. Based on this invoice, the tenant is supposed to pay the rent within a specified period of time. A rental invoice may also contain the details of the account in which the asset owner wants the rent amount to be deposited.

Sample Rental Invoice Template

Name of the House / Shop owner: ________________________________________

Name of the tenant: ____________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________ [The address of the premises on rent must be mentioned here].

Rent for the month of: ___________

Rent amount: __________________

Electricity expense: _____________

Water tax: _____________________

Total amount payable: ____________

Payment Details:

Account No.: ________________________

Account holder’s name: _______________________________________

Bank Name: ___________________________________
Branch Name: _______________________________
Branch Code: __________________________________
IFSC Code: ___________________________________

The rent must be paid within –/–/—-

Signature of the owner: __________________________

Signature of the tenant: __________________________

Date: –/–/—-

Download Rental Invoice Template in Word Format

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