Tax Invoice Template

June 20, 2011

Tax invoice template is a consolidated written piece of document that depicts the details of a business transaction and hence highlights the tax to be paid by it. This invoice also contains details related to the payment of the calculated tax.

Sample Tax Invoice Template

Name of the Company: _____________________

Tax ID: _________________________________

Business Fax No.: _________________________

Business Telephone No.: ____________________

Business Address: _________________________

Invoice No.: _____________________________

Reference: ______________________________

Date: –/–/—–

Terms (in no. of days): ____________________

Due Date: –/–/—-

Issued To:

Business Name of the Customer: _____________________________________

Contact Person’s Name: ______________________

Telephone No.: _________________________________

Fax: ________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Transaction details:

Quantity    Description   Price     Discount   Amount    Tax    Per unit

________    ______     ______  _____  _______    ______    ________

Net Amount: ________________

Total Tax: ___________________

Payment Details:

Account No.: _____________________

Account holder’s name: _____________

Bank Name: ______________________

Branch Name: _____________________

Download Tax Invoice Template in Word Format

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