Appreciation Certificate Template

June 8, 2011

Whenever an organization appreciates a person for good performance, they honor him with an appreciation certificate. Thus an appreciation certificate template gives us an idea about the format in which an appreciation certificate should be designed. The appreciation certificate template should have a heading and also mention the name of the person and the date on which he is receiving the certificate and also the reason for appreciating him.
Sample Appreciation Certificate Template

Certificate of Appreciation

This certificate is being presented to ___________ [name of the recipient] on this date of _ [date on which the certificate is being awarded] for amazing performance and contribution to our organization. He ______

_________ [reason for awarding the certificate]. His dedication and hard work has helped us to reach this zenith and we want to thank him.

______ [name of the project]

________ [name of the organization]

__________ [address of the organization]


[Signature of the presenter]


Download Appreciation Certificate Template in Word Format

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