Employee handbook template

June 20, 2011

The employee handbook guides the employee on what is expected of him at work. It tells of how the employee should conduct himself with other employees, office supplies and equipments. The employee also gets to know what to expect from his employer, it balances expectation of the employee and employer.

Sample Employee Handbook Template

  1. Work ethics:

a) You are expected to report to work on time according to your shift timing

b) Foul language and swearing is strictly forbidden

c) Respect for all colleagues is expected all the time disregarding their position.

  1. Dress code: the dress code is smart casual (should be modest and decent)
  2. Employee relations: romantic relations between employees is discouraged, however on the event that it should happen a typed memo should be forwarded to HR for legal purposes.
  3. Recruitment: HR is in charge of all recruitments, canvassing and nepotism is highly discouraged.
  4. Honesty is priority                                                                                                                  Download Employee handbook template in Word Format

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