Employee manual template

June 20, 2011

The employee manual is useful in showing the employee the requirements and rules of the work place. It also shows the limits and boundaries of the employer and the rights of the employee. It is useful when there are complain that could lead to law suit in the work place

Sample employee manual template

The company has maintained a good reputation in the society we would therefore like our employees to understand the values that the company holds dear and the conduct that is becoming in the company

  1. Dress code: all employees are expected to be neatly dressed. Outfits  recommended are:

Men: Dark colored suit

Lady: Trouser/Skirt suit (miniskirts are discouraged)

Official dress

  1. Office supplies and equipment: removal of office equipment and supplies without authority from supervisor is forbidden
  2. Leave days: All employers are entitled to 14 days annual leave, 10 days sick off and 4 months maternity leave, public holidays.
    Download Employee manual template in Word Format

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