Hotel Invoice Template

June 20, 2011

Hotel invoice templates are used to generate bills, invoices and receipts in hotels. These types of templates consist of the details regarding the various services received at the hotel and the amount charged for the same.

Sample Hotel Invoice Template

Hotel Invoice

_____________          _______________________________________________

[Hotel Logo]                               [Name of the Hotel]

Address of the Hotel:

Street Address: ____________________________________

City: __________    State: ___________    Zip: _____________

Invoice number: __________       Invoice Date: ___________

Customer Information:

Name of the Company / Person: ____________ [Name of the customer]

Permanent Address:

Street Address: _____________________________________

City: __________    State: ____________   Zip: _________________


Quantity     Product / Service Description                Rate          Amount

Lodging [Number of Day and night]        ______________

Food [Number of Meals]  ______________               _______________

Miscellaneous     ___________       ______________

Subtotal:            _______________

Tax:                  _______________

Grand Total:               _______________

Additional Information:

The service is stipulated by the government at ______ % which is calculated on the total amount of the bill.

We hope you enjoyed your stay.

Download Hotel Invoice Template in Word Format

Incoming Sample Templates:

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