Advertising Photographer CV

July 7, 2011

Advertising photographers create images for advertising and sales promotion purposes. They work with companies who give photo specifications on lighting, subject and appeal to create an effective advertising medium through photographs. Their work may be launched in magazines, websites, billboards, books and catalogues. As the media industry constantly need innovation and creativity, advertising photographers may look forward to more challenging jobs and opportunities in the job market.

Sample Advertising Photographer CV Template

Malcolm Briscoe
123 Challenger Quay,
Falmouth, TR11 3YL
Telephone Number:  12 345 6789
Mobile Number: 07123456789
Email: [email protected]

Career Objective

Looking for employment under a company where I can use my creative skills as an advertising photographer.
Educational Background
BA Photography
University College Falmouth, 2006

Work Experience

2008-2009: Fashion Photographer, Fashion Photos Co.


•    Studio and location shoot for modeling agencies
•    Artistic consultation
•    Retouching/editing and album or frame production
•    Bookkeeping and account handling
•    Keeping wide network collection of clients and potential clients
2006-2008: Professional Photographer, Star Photographers Inc.


•    Serviced studio photography and location photography for clients
•    Discussed and arrange photographic requirements of clients
•    Photo editing and layout design


•    Excellent software editing skills (Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign, Flexcolor)
•    Video production and editing
•    Keen eye for detail
•    Knowledgeable in latest photography and advertising techniques
•    Shoot models for a prestigious magazine cover
•    Arranged different photo albums and videos for different occasions such as weddings, debuts, and professional events

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