Budget Analyst CV Template

July 6, 2011

Trained as an accountant with or without certification as a CPA, Budget Analysts collaborate with department heads they are assigned to in preparing the annual department budgets for approval and consolidation into the corporate budget.  They also perform weekly and monthly monitoring of actual expenses in preparing cost vs budget performance reports.

Sample Budget Analyst CV Template

Sarah Jane H. Eggleston
Camden St., London, UK
Phone:  020-4431-4352
[email protected]
To work as part of a team of budget analysts in a global company in the service or airline industry
Professional Experience
2004 – Present:  Budge Analyst, Virgin Atlantic, Plc., Gatwick
•    Assist the department or division to gather budgets of various offices under the department.
•    Initiate the preparation of departmental budgets.
•    Assist the department head in justifying and presenting the proposed annual budgets for approval Prepare, justify and present operating budget for approval
•    Ensure that budget procedures and guidelines are complied with.
•    Provide regular budget reports to include medium-term forecasted budget, trend analyses
•    Provide comparisons of actual expenses and revenues vs budget plan
•    Assist the department heads in justifying variances between actual and budget.
•    Develop budget models to assist departments in their financial planning.
•    Above average command of Excel spreadsheets and word processing
•    Above average oral and written communication skills in English.
•    Excellent interpersonal skills to work with department heads in preparing budgets.
Received management commendations from the President and CEO for successfully reviewing and implementing corrections to the budget performance reports of the last three years
2004: Passed exams to become a Certified Public Accountant.
2000 – 2004:  BS in Accountancy, College of Administration and Judicature, Berlin.
To be furnished upon request

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