Cost Accountant CV Template

July 6, 2011

Cost Account resumes should reflect the ability to analyze data and suggest cost cutting measures. Keen analytical and interpretation skills should be reflected. Cost accountants essentially work in varied industries and are responsible for keeping budgets under control and to curb expenses. High level of meticulousness and people skills along with communication abilities are required.

Sample Cost Accountant Resume Template

Myra Thomas,
22, Classic Apartments,
Peabury street,
Mobile Number: 44 2298 5647
Telephone Number: 01654 873450
Career Objective
As a cost accountant with five years of experience I have handled issues related to Project management, inventory management, budget and control, Standard cost analysis, variance analysis, ERP Systems, Financial Analysis and Trend Analysis. I have demonstrated expertise in fields of management accounting and cost reduction.
Educational Background
CPA, 2006
Masters in Business Administration, 2003
B.S in Accounting, 2000
Work Experience
2006-Present: Cost Accountant, Variant Industries
•    Performed variance analysis and cost analysis to understand inefficiencies in systems
•    Worked with other departmental heads to review budget allocation and expenditure
•    Identified key cost cutting measures and implemented them
•    Implemented SAP for cost control and standard cost
•    Revised inventory procedures with auditor
2004-2006: Plant Accountant, Merchant Chemicals
•    Devised new accounting measures and standards
•    Involved in implementing new cost control measures
•    Reconcile multiple foreign agency accounts and inventories
•    Helped preparing of tax returns
•    Created spreadsheets, reports
•    Identified budget control areas
2002-2003: Senior Accountant, Taylor and Taylor Accountants
•    Purchase and sales invoices
•    Bank book and cash book entries
•    Journal entries, ledger entries
•    Bank Reconciliation
•    Managed accounting entries
•    Generated financial statements
2000-2001 Accountant, Maxwell Inc.
•    Wrote books of accounts
•    Journal and ledger entries
•    Bank reconciliation statement data collection
Proficient in MS Word and MS Excel,
Excellent Accounting knowledge
Proficient in accounting software
Bilingual in French and English
•    Implemented SAP in cost accounting measures
•    Devised and implemented new cost control measures
•    Redefined Inventory processes and procedures

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