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July 6, 2011

To manage the finances is a troublesome work not only for the individuals but for the companies also. Mostly they need an advice so that they can plan finances in a better manner and Financial Consultants are doing that work. Financial Consultants are helping individuals and companies to manage the finances in a better way. There is a very good career option for the financial consultants as they can work for the different companies or can work for the financial companies also as an adviser.
Financial consultant CV is useful for all who want to apply for the post of Financial Consultant in different industries.

Financial Consultant CV Template

Alan Brown
56, Prince Street,
Los Angeles,
The United States of America
[email protected]
Mobile No: +1 873 23 95 45 4
Telephone Number: + 1 498 084 3454
Career Objective: I want to work with a growing company where I can work as a Financial Consultant and want to explore the new challenges at the job.
Professional Experience:
2008 – 2009: HHH Investment Company, Arizona
I have worked as a Financial Consultant in a HHH Company. My responsibilities were to communicate with the clients and to help them to manage the finances.
2006 – 2007: EEE Finance Company, Arizona
I have worked with EEE Finance Company and my job responsibilities were to help the clients to choose the best home loans and to help them for the paper work and further processing.
2001 – 2003: B.Com. in Accounting – Financial Planning Track, University of California
2004 – 2006: M.S.E. in Financial Mathematics, University of New York
I have received letter of appreciation form the higher management at EEE Finance Company for best work.
•    Playing volleyball
•    Painting
Upon request

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