Fresher in Advertising CV

July 7, 2011

Every product and services needs to be advertised. The need and necessity for a good advertising campaign to have successful product is ever increasing. This has made advertising industry grow in leaps and bounds. Strategically planned advertisements and promotions can make even a average product popular. Many excellent products have failed to attract customers due to pathetic advertising efforts. This is the main reason why so many organizations are putting huge portion of their budget in advertising. This has resulted in many advertising agencies and consultants mushrooming over past few years.
Graduates who have done their bachelors or masters in advertising have several career options to chose from. Some of them are media planner, graphic designer, media buyer, content writers, event managers, event supervisor, event promoters, media consultants etc.  Graduates who have take up advertising as their area of expertise can work for several existing advertising companies, private companies or set up their own consultancy. Some of the graduates start as freelancers.
Fresher in advertising CV is helpful for graduates who are seeking jobs in media management companies, event management companies or any other industry.

Fresher in Advertising CV Template

Patrick Johns
24, New Church Road,
The United States of America
[email protected]
Mobile No: +1 834 02 25 36 7
Telephone Number: + 1 367 083 3536
Career Objective: I am looking for a placement in any reputed advertisement organization that can use my skills and knowledge in advertising.

Professional Experience:

2007 – 2008: NAYA People Media Consultants, Vermont
I have worked as trainee media consultant in NAYA People Media Consultants, Vermont. I have been trained in interacting with client and doing research about the effect of certain media for an advertisement for the client.


2003 – 2005: Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, University of Illinois
2005 – 2007: Master of Arts in Advertising, University of Indiana
I have participated in numerous plays in my school and college days.

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