Medical Office Administrator CV Template

July 7, 2011

A medical office administrator works in the medical industry.  He/she is responsible for managing the daily operations of a medical office which includes performing clerical duties.  The medical office administrator is responsible for the smooth flow of operations in a medical office, managing the appointments of physicians for check-ups and other schedules.  Thus, a person having this job should be organized and capable of doing multiple tasks.

Sample Medical Office Administrator CV Template

Dominic Higgins
Dundee, DD1 4HN
Phone:  123-4567-8901


Medical office administrator with excellent educational background and professional experience is looking forward to joining a company that will enable skills development and career growth.

Summary of Qualification

•    Five years working as a medical office administrator.
•    Comprehensive knowledge in procedures, standards, and policies in the medical industry.
•    Outstanding organizational and management skills.
•    Excellent ability to communicate and interact with patients and doctors alike.
Career Experience/Job History
2005 – Present:  Medical Office Administrator, Dundee Hospital
•    Responsible for daily and monthly accounting of collections and expenditures.
•    Document all financial data and make financial report.
•    Oversee and sometimes takes charge of purchasing of equipment, medicines, and other needs of the medical office.
•    Establish and implement the office floor plan as well as the smooth flow of schedules and appointments.
•    Maintain the records of the medical office and ensure that accurate data is filed.
•    Coordinate and manage personal matters in the medical office.
•    Help in some human resources function which includes selection of employees and hiring.

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