Professional Accounting CV Template

July 6, 2011

Professional Accounting CV should include the exact nature of accounting experience of the individual, highlighting on the troubleshooting, analytical and cost cutting skills of the individual along with excellent hold on accounting principles and techniques. Professional accountants can have a varied experience and could be a certified accountant also.

Sample Public Accounting Resume Template

Jessica Kendall,
12, Victory House,
Peabury Street,
Mobile Number: 44 7655 9823
Telephone Number: 01276 87658
Career Objective
Expert in all aspects of accounting including receivables, payables, payroll, bank reconciliation, tax returns, financial reporting. Bring with me a meticulous approach to accounting problem solving and attention to finer details of accounts. Bring with me excellent training in Financial accounting and cost accounting with excellent analytical skills of financial data.
Educational Background
Certified Public Accountant, 2007
Masters in Business Administration, 2004
Bachelor in Business Administration 2001
Work Experience
2008-Present: Staff Accountant , Bright Industries
•    Designed and maintained entire financial system of the company
•    Involved in ensuring cost cutting measures were adopted by company
•    Handled inventory reports and cost analysis of the company
•    Payroll and tax framework design and maintenance
•    Handling multiple project accounts at one time
•    Prepared tax returns
2006-2007: Payroll and Accounts Manager, Whitewater Agencies
•    Developed and maintained payroll accounting standards
•    Developed financial Policy framework
•    Involved in handling multiple accounts
•    Conducted Internal audits
•    Maintained accounts as per international standards
•    Budget control, cost control
2004-2006: Senior Accountant, Broadburn Accountants
•    Involved in the intricacies of multiple account accounting techniques
•    Consolidated accounts
•    Handled multiple client payroll monitoring process
2002-2004: Accountant, Bradbury Inc.
•    Maintaining accounts, ledger entries, journal entries
•    Bank reconciliation statement and balance sheet
Proficient in MS Word and MS Excel,
Proficient in the latest accounting software
Proficient in Payroll and auditing software
•    Multiple account handling
•    Payroll policy development and maintenance

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