Restaurant Franchising Administrator CV Template

July 7, 2011

The Franchising Contracts Administrator for a chain of fastfoods or restaurant name is responsible for the successful contract management for the brand’s franchising operations.  Think McDonalds or Pizza Hut and the person in charge of administering their outlets for a certain area is the Franchising Administrator.  There may be a team each responsible for the spread of franchises within a particular geographical sales area all reporting to the Franchise Director.

Sample Restaurant Franchising Administrator CV Template

Herbert Stowe
Victoria Rd., Birmingham, England
Phone:  0121 192 1190
To work as a Fastfood /Restaurant Franchising Administrator for a large retail, airline or manufacturing company with a large property inventory to manage.
Professional Experience
2004 – Present: Fastfood /Restaurant Franchising Administrator, St. George Food Chain, Midlands
•    Conduct random and regular inspection and site visits in any franchise branch to ensure compliance with hotel service specifications and other standards prescribed in the contractual obligation.
•    Attend seminars and trainings on contract administration
•    Obtain customer complaints and feedbacks from franchise clients to evaluate satisfaction ratings of licensees.
•    Update franchising records, contract renewals, compliance requirements, etc ito be used in evaluating licensee performance.
•    Prepare franchising reports and submit to franchising director.
•    Perform ocular inspection of proposed franchising locations.
•    Assist market research in validating market researches made by licensee to support franchising market attractiveness in proposed location.
•    Strong organizational and multitasking skills with ability to work under pressure
•    Excellent verbal and written communication as well as interpersonal skills to interact with buyers
•    Excellent time management and people management skills.
Cited by management in 2005 and 2008 for achieving franchising revenue targets
1998 – 2002: BS Commerce, Worcester College, Oxford
Can be provided upon request
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